Best Gaming Motherboard

PC gaming is in a great place in 2020, with fantastic offerings from both AMD and Intel and new-generations of exciting hardware just over the horizon. But just as picking a top gaming CPU and powerful graphics card is important when building or upgrading your gaming PC, you need a great motherboard too. But which are the best motherboards for gaming?

No motherboard is going to give a big boost to your in-game FPS, but a bad board can hold them back and if you want to overclock, you need a good board to do it. Here are the motherboards we think are best for gamers, categorized by cost and platform.

Note: Since it’s typically better to base your preference for system on the benefits of its CPU rather than its motherboard, we won’t do much in the way of comparison with these sections, but will offer a choice of both Intel and AMD motherboards so that whatever your choice of gaming CPU, there’s a motherboard out there for you.

The midrange gaming sector is the sweet spot as far as performance goes. You get a lot more than the average budget entry, but you don’t have to spend hundreds just to get some niche top-tier features. Perfect for gamers of all types who don’t need extreme overclocking capabilities or expensive lighting options. These are the best motherboards for mid-tier gaming.


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