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The best graphics cards can be essential upgrades for your PC when you're a digital creative, as they can help your PC render high resolution videos and photos, or complex digital designs.

While many of these cards are designed for running computer games, the tech inside them actually makes them fantastic GPUs for professionals as well. While they don't have quite the graphical grunt of professional GPUs, they can often be a more affordable alternative.

So, in our guide to the best graphics cards for creatives, we've got a mix of consumer and professional cards from the two biggest names in GPUs: AMD or Nvidia, with top GPU choices for everyone, no matter what your budget is.

Before we begin listing the best graphics cards money can buy in 2019, however, we'll first explain a bit about graphics cards and what you need to know before you pick one.


Graphics cards (or GPUs) serve two roles in modern computers. In games, they accelerate 3D visuals with all their under-the-hood hardware power used to determine the frame rate and resolution for those visual effects, whizz-bang explosions and pyrotechnics we’ve come to expect in modern games.

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For digital creatives, including graphic artists, designers, illustrators and 3D professionals, the same hardware can be harnessed in tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud  (both Premiere and Photoshop), Blender, Maya and 3DS Max, to dramatically boost rendering times – at least in specific parts of the software, such as when applying certain plugins, filters and effects. A powerful graphics card can make a huge difference with some tools, and some effects can not even run on a CPU alone. 


Graphic Card

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