Gaming Chair

Sooner or later everyone gets that moment when our trusted thousand-night online companion, and the main sponsor of our back pain leaves us. Sometimes instead it is our back to ask for mercy and since there is no other way to spend our money, between PC upgrades and razer peripherals, we decide to invest some money for our well-being and buy us a gaming chair .

When you approach the idea of ​​buying one of the many gaming chairs on the market, the first thought is to stay on the low cost. The chair is not perceived as a fundamental asset for playing, as it does not make us win raids or Clan wars … Perhaps we forget what the requirement is to be competitive in gaming, it is not the mouse that makes the difference, much less the keyboard . What makes the difference in competitive gaming is training !

To train you need to be comfortable and not suffer from back pain and be forced to interrupt your gaming sessions. So maybe it’s time to review the importance of our chair, whether it’s a gamer chair or not it matters little. The important thing is that it is comfortable and that it avoids useless back pain and consequent stop.


Gaming Chair

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