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Whether it’s for business or pleasure, we probably rely on our laptop bag more than we care to admit when we travel. That’s why having the right laptop case can make or break a trip. One accidental drop could leave you waiting for hours at the Genius Bar in some strange new city.

What Is the Best Laptop Case for Travel?

Aside from dings and scrapes, there’s also the little matter of space. A laptop back should have room for all your plugs, cords, and other accoutrements. Not only that, but these should be easy to reach when you need them, without holding you up at security checks. Below are some of my top laptop bag or laptop case picks for safely transporting your computer from A to B. These leather laptop bags do a great job of holding a little more than you'll probably need, and with special compartments for all your additional gadgetry and travel documents.

laptop Bag

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